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Qualla Berry Farm is part of a loose community of growers and marketers throughout western NC who are seeking to provide locally grown food to people who live and visit  the mountains. We are helping to develop ways to keep our rural land in agricultural production. We are listed in the Local Food Guide produced by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. For more about U-Pick farms, tailgate markets, and community supported agriculture growers, see their website: www.buyappalachian.org

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Reminder-Farm Open House and Plant Sale Sunday at QBF

Posted 7/29/2017 11:58pm by John Clarke & Karen Hurtubise.

Hi Folks-

We have been making tea and otherwise preparing for tomorrow's event and things look good around the hoop houses. We have a strong crop of ginger and turmeric coming on to show you, and we have an assortment of plants for sale for those of you who would like to try growing at home.

Come see us between 1 and 5 PM Sunday afternoon July 30 and we will have cold turmeric-ginger lemonade on ice!

Here's our tentative pricing/availability list:

Plants: Gingers--Bubba Blue and Yellow Hawaiian; Turmerics--Hawaiian Red, Black, White Mango, Indira Yellow, BKK. Also limited amounts of Ka Chai Dom, Galangal, and Lemongrass.

Sizes/Prices: Single plants in 4" pots, $9. Large plants in 1 gal pots, $19. Flats with 2 lbs rhizomes sprouted and ready for planting, $39. 3 gal pots with multiple plants, $39-49. Large pots with "Ginger Jungles" , $59. Checks or cash only please, we aren't set up for credit cards.

We will have handouts with basic growing instructions. These plants are tough and fairly easy to grow as long as you can bring them inside during cold weather.

We'll look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 3274 Qualla Rd, Hayesville!

Photos below. Oh, and look us up on Facebook (Qualla Berry Farm) for a video of Karen showing the plants.

Karen and John