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Qualla Berry Farm is part of a loose community of growers and marketers throughout western NC who are seeking to provide locally grown food to people who live and visit  the mountains. We are helping to develop ways to keep our rural land in agricultural production. We are listed in the Local Food Guide produced by the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project. For more about U-Pick farms, tailgate markets, and community supported agriculture growers, see their website: www.buyappalachian.org

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Ginger Harvest Begins at Qualla Berry Farm

Posted 10/16/2017 9:03pm by John Clarke & Karen Hurtubise.

Dear Friends-

The telltale pink bud scales have shown up and our Fresh Baby Ginger is ready to come out of the ground! We are now taking orders via our website order form and can begin delivery and pick up this Friday, October 20th. We have already received some eager beaver orders and can finally begin to fill them. So thank you for letters, phone calls, and support...y'all make our farm endeavor succeed and we are grateful. We are gearing up to bring you the best ginger and turmeric ever, including plants for those who have a green thumb and like to garden or farm.

Our plants are very healthy and have put on exceptional growth this season. We expect the Fresh Turmeric will be ready toward mid-November and will be updating you as that time gets closer. Meanwhile if you wish to order both you can enter both on your order form and we will work out pickup times with you by email or phone. Remember that both ginger and turmeric freeze well and also can be kept at room temperature for 3-4 weeks without losing their fresh character (they do not keep well at all in the refrigerator, however we made fresh spice paste and added some organic Bragg's vinegar on top of it, and our spice paste kept all year in the fridge like pickles, very convenient to add to our food for busy meal prep).

We do expect an even bigger harvest than in past years so feel free to forward this notice to friends who may be interested in our products and encourage them to add themselves to our mailing list at www.quallaberryfarm.com.

We are excited about the harvest and looking forward to hearing from you! More photos and some videos can be found on our Facebook page, Qualla Berry Farm. And share with us your ways and benefits of using your ginger and turmeric so we can create a wave of information to help one another in our journeys of health and good food.


John Clarke and Karen Hurtubise,

Qualla Berry Farm, Hayesville, NC